“The Dove”

Commenced in 2001 this 10 page A4 publication is issued in March and September each year. The original purpose is still being maintained “to extract and distil from the diverse pool of experience that has accumulated over the years and to provide a newsletter for the reunion”.

“David’s Notes”

Commenced in 2004 as a 2 page supplement to “the Dove” recording the activity of the Reunion at Saint David’s Church Llandilo NSW

Seminar Proceedings

Proceedings of the seminars held at Milawa and Llandilo are issued in booklet format. Each booklet contains the presentations delivered and a summary of discussion.


Saint Columb’s Hall: A history 1903-1966
Author John Hebblewhite
Published Diocese of Wangaratta 1996.

Saint Columb’s Hall Reunion: a review 1966-2016. Published 2017

Ministry: selection of seminar presentations. Published 2016

Spirituality: selection of seminar presentations. Published 2017